Will flooding affect my certification?

You must notify OneCert if you have land that flooded so we can assess the impact.
Typically, flooded organic land does not have to undergo 3-year transition again, unless there is evidence of persistent residues of prohibited substances.  
If there is evidence of contamination, organic crops may need to be tested for residues. Examples of evidence:

  • Oily residues on soil surface
  • Soil that smells of pesticides or petroleum
  • Seeds won’t sprout, or die after sprouting
  • Crops and/or weeds are stunted/misshapen
  • Crops appear to be diseased

If your wellhead was submerged, re-test your well water to make sure that only safe, potable water comes into direct contact with produce or is used for livestock.

If you have further questions please call us (402) 420-6080 (toll free 888-420-6080) or email us info@onecert.com.